And now, a word about Canadians.


Back to the war propaganda – I can’t get enough of this stuff.

So did someone really think our northern border buddies were ever a threat? I mean, except for saying “about” funny, how scary are they, eh?

And Middle Sister was in the same mode as I was earlier this week. This has been on her bedroom door since last weekend:

loose lips

I promise to keep my lips tight.



3 thoughts on “And now, a word about Canadians.

  1. The town of Kingston, Ontario where I am from has a Fort (Fort Henry) which was built in the 1800’s to primarily protect themselves from Americans!! seems funny to even think about that! … and the Fort was never involved in a battle.


    • And just to clarify, because I don’t want to have come off as offensive, what I was getting at is that Canada has always seemed to me to be a most reasonable and stable nation, so I can’t imagine why this poster was necessary. It just seems crazy that there was a time when people were so afraid of everything.


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