Random things that are freaking me out today.

1. With only two people in the house, we’re only doing two or three loads of laundry PER WEEK. After having done two loads a day for fifteen years, I feel like a lazy lie-about.

skorts2. The one load that came through the washer and dryer yesterday contained all three of my pairs of skorts. And if the fact that I own three pairs of skorts doesn’t tip you off that I’m a mom of a certain age, I don’t know what would. Anyway, what freaks me out is that skorts come out of the dryer in the form of some kind of alternate dimension, M.C. Escher mobius strip. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time and frustration to turn them back into a wearable piece of clothing.

3. There’s a four-ish-day weekend coming up for me and I don’t know what to do with it. Middle Sister has her own plans over the weekend. But I had two different get-togethers last weekend with old friends, and therefore no social plans for this one. No huge projects to tackle. No husband or boy for me to cook for, clean up after, and laugh with. I’m scrambling to come up with something to fill four days when it’s so hot out that holing up indoors is really the only option.

4. I’m craving an extra cheese and pepperoni pizza, and Middle Sister’s diet won’t tolerate such an unhealthy food item.

5. The Boy called me yesterday wanting my opinion on a hypothetical change to his living arrangement at college, which he’s been asked to participate in to help out a  friend who’s truly suffering from a diagnosed brain condition and needs to get out of a bad roommate situation. I’m thrilled that our son wanted my advice, and thrilled that he’s that concerned for his friend. And I fully support him in making his own decisions. But my gut feeling is that the hypothetical plan is NOT a good idea, and it’s giving me the willies. I texted him that caveat early this morning, and am crossing my fingers…

And that completes my mundane list of concerns for today.


5 thoughts on “Random things that are freaking me out today.

  1. Haha, I went to a private school and I LOVED me some skorts! But wow, I haven’t heard that word in forever! Love it!!
    I agree, reading would be good. Or maybe try a few new recipes?


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