Filling up the holiday weekend

A four-day weekend with not much to do? Definitely a glaring example of “first world problems.”

I mean, what kind of loser feels down because she has four days off? But empty-ish nest gloom has returned with a vengeance. Couple that fact with shortening days that remind this Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer that SAD season is just around the corner, and evasive action is definitely required.

An outline of my lines of defense this weekend:

  • New craft projects. Did some online hunting for Christmas present ideas, then some craft supply shopping. Dug out my knitting needles and my creative streak and channeled some energy into productive enterprises.
New yarn, destined to be knitted into clutch purses and bags

New yarn, destined to be knitted into small clutch purses and larger tote bags

Felt squares and embroidery floss, which I'll turn into coffee cup holders

Felt squares and embroidery floss, which I’ll turn into coffee cup holders


  • New books. A friend loaned me a book that’s meant a lot to her – “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller. It’s a non-fiction, memoir-ish type of thing about life and spirituality. Not my favorite genre, but I respect this friend’s judgement and gave it a try. Miller is funny enough to get me through his extremely earnest self-examination, so it’s not a bad read. But I had to start a mindless mystery as well, to counteract all the navel-gazing.
  • Checking off chores. Satisfying but not-fun stuff, like vacuuming the van and Swiffering up piles of dust bunnies and cobwebs throughout the house. Never do I feel more slovenly than when I look at the bottom of my Swiffer after running it over my bedroom floors. YUCK.
  • Our first hummingbird stopped by for a snack while we were having lunch today!

    Our first hummingbird stopped by for a snack while we were having lunch today!

    A new backyard wildlife project! We’ve had hummingbirds visiting off and on this summer even though we have nothing for them to eat. It was pitiful, really, watching them hover around the finch feeder until they figured out it wasn’t for them. So Middle Sister and I went out and bought a hummingbird feeder, researched care and maintenance, and cooked up our own hummingbird syrup last night. Waiting on the edge of our seats for the first little visitor.

  • Pizza for one at a nearby Pizza Shoppe. That sounds a little sad, but I really enjoy a meal out alone every now and then, with a good book and dinner brought to me without any effort on my part. Middle Sister had a babysitting gig Friday night, and I wanted a gooey, cheesy pizza, which she won’t eat. Perfect solution!

Still a day and a half to go on this long weekend. Just keep knitting…


6 thoughts on “Filling up the holiday weekend

  1. I read one of Donald Miller’s other books called “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – What I Learned While Editing My Life.” If you are up to try another of his, I’d recommend it. It’s about living a good life story – lots to think about. I love your knitting! It’s on my list to learn.


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