My week in review.

Virus. Gross.

Rally. Back to work.

STUPIDLY eat a Trader Joe’s frozen Tandoori Chicken. Instant relapse for a day and a half.

Talk to and text all three of my faraway family members multiple times. Even enjoy several conversations initiated by The Boy, who generally is uncommunicative while away from home. Joy!

Run around like a headless chicken at work on a three-day workweek, sewing up all details for the first day of Sunday School.

Don’t kill anyone, even when they make requests that are so ridiculous you could easily strangle them without a qualm.

Wrestle with technology for several hours, again in preparation for the first day of Sunday School. Win one huge battle, lose another. Figure out a work-around.

Leave work for three hours on one of the busiest days of my work year, to co-lead a support group downtown.

Have an excellent conversation on the way home with good friend.

Work later than I have for months. Come home and don’t quite collapse, but have less than no interest in cooking dinner. Wisely decide NOT to have a Trader Joe’s frozen dinner.

Write a quick post and hope to have time later in the evening to catch up on some of my favorite writers.

Weekend and a return of autumn-ish weather.

The end.



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