Happy 21st!

Our middle child turned 21 yesterday. There’s much to celebrate about that fact. She’s a beautiful, sensitive, brilliant, and talented young lady. She’s funny and interesting, which makes her excellent company.

And her taste in birthday treats is fantastic! For her special birthday dessert (after a wonderful afternoon at a local Greek Festival – again her choice), we enjoyed Papardelle’s dark chocolate pasta topped with fresh raspberries, whipped cream – non-fat, which was actually delicious – and raspberry balsamic vinegar from The Tasteful Olive. (For the skeptical out there, the raspberry balsamic vinegar tasted more like raspberry syrup – with a punch.)


Absolutely to die for.

The dessert for the dessert was a conference call with the whole family. With the five of us spread out all over country, it was tricky to get everyone together. One of our number doesn’t have an Apple device, so Face Time was out. Skype has always been a bane (the last time we tried I appeared as a kitten avatar for the whole conversation, and nothing I could do would shift that kitten). So we simply did a conference call. Lots of confusion, lots of talking over each other, but it was heavenly. So much laughter, many inside jokes. I miss my people very much.

It was a happy birthday for me, too.


2 thoughts on “Happy 21st!

  1. I have trouble with Skype. It’s one of the “free” ways to talk to my mom. She won’t sit still, and the reception is choppy to start with. It kind of makes me dizzy and feel a bit ill. Happy mother’s/birthday to you!


    • Skype has defeated me pretty much every time I’ve tried to use it. We have better luck with Face Time, but it’s still kind of stressful. Plus I look absolutely horrid on the screen so I feel uncomfortable the whole time!


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