Special Delivery

It came! It came!

Yesterday morning I received an email from the Little Free Library organization, saying that my library had been shipped and should arrive in 5-7 days. I was so excited I could hardly concentrate during our weekly staff meeting.

My LFLBut the big surprise was what was waiting for me on our front porch when I got home in the afternoon: A large box, stamped “Little Free Library GIFT!”

Now the work begins. Contacting the librarians of the two schools just a couple of blocks in either direction, for their help in getting the word out to students. Getting nearby families excited about the project will be, I think, an important aspect of keeping the library attractive and safe. Creating flyers to advertise to the neighborhood. Collecting books. Registering my library with the foundation website.  And most daunting of all, building a post to mount the library on and get it planted into the ground. I have a couple of friends in mind to tap for these projects – areas in which I have NO expertise whatsoever. But the whole point of the LFL movement is to involve the wider community, so it’s a good thing that I’ll be doing just that from the very beginning.

And now the fun (and work) begins!


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