Fabulous Fall Friday

Yes, I’m still rushing the season, but it’s pretty hard not to at this point. I mean, we’re only a week away from autumn, and it’s so chilly here I snuggled under my comforter AND a quilt last night. Heaven!

I have a to-do list a mile long today, but nothing horribly painful – if you don’t count paying our monthly installments of Middle Sister’s post-gall bladder surgery medical bills. And so I’m able to enjoy all kind of interesting things happening around here:

•The Husband will be home for a few days sometime in the next week. After seven weeks away, this is cause for celebration. And how lovely that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
•A new Sprouts food store has opened near us. Too far for our weekly shopping, but close enough to be a nice change of pace every now and then. So I’m going there today. Anything that makes the weekly food shopping less of a killer chore is welcome.
•Also this week: Our IKEA opened!!! It’s just a five minute drive from our house!!! Sadly, I probably won’t be able to go for a few weeks – IKEA is, after all, a full-day experience, if done correctly.
•I’m off to visit Oldest in less than a week. We’re planning for one day in a beachside town, but the rest of the time will be just gloriously hanging out together. Couldn’t as for anything better.
•Another trip to our nearby dinner theater is coming up on Saturday. At the suggestion of an old friend, I invited a new friend – should be both interesting and fun.

In reality, our leaves around here are still stubbornly green. But the weather FEELS like fall.

In reality, our leaves around here are still stubbornly green. But the weather FEELS like fall.

•My mom is coming for an overnight visit sometime over the weekend. Strangely, after we talked about what would be the best time, she chose what will be the worst time…a phone conversation is necessary today.
•My sister is apparently moving her family to Kazakhstan. That sounds like some kind of weird joke, but it actually seems to be true. She has hated living in Texas so much that Kazakhstan will probably be a huge relief. And she does have a degree in Slavic languages…
•Plans are moving along slowly for the Little Free Library. I have a friend on board to build the stand, and there the project will probably remain until I return from my visit to Oldest.
•The Boy announced via text early Tuesday morning that he’s the new president of his university climbing club. The only surprise there is that the university has a climbing club. The kid has a natural tendency to move himself up higher than anything else around him at any given time. He can leap into trees and onto roofs with a single bound. Just hoping he’ll stay clear of cell towers in the line of duty.

So – now it’s down to the kitchen to enjoy this autumn’s first round of overnight oatmeal, to light various fall-scented candles, and to tackle that to-do list. Can’t wait to see what mowing while wearing a hoodie feels like.


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall Friday

  1. …..so, we are heading up there sometime in October. I should expect temps below 70 degrees?

    The family together time sounds wonderful, even if it is all separate. Congrats to your son and I hope he checks his safety ropes, or whatever they use while climbing. They do use safety equipment?


    • I would think that by October we can safely expect 70 to be the high most days, so you should be in for a nice visit.

      Yes, the boy is very safety-conscious. He learned all the high ropes stuff from his father, who was a trainer for Girl Scout challenge course instructors. Always check those harnesses!


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