Things are looking up.

I’m holding off on patting my own back, but it’s seeming more and more like I’ve figured out how to manage living in the cavernous, echoing, empty house that is becoming a nearly permanent thing.

It’s a combination of effort and luck, really. But there definitely positive signs that I’m learning how to keep myself happily occupied:

•Little Free Library!!! There’s still a world of work ahead, and every bit of it is filled with delightful anticipation. Well, almost every bit. More on that later.

•Book project – my friend/coauthor and I are actually making progress again.

•Good company – a girls’ night last week to help make decorations for a wedding and a night at the dinner theater with a new friend – big feats for this introvert, and thoroughly enjoyed

•Plenty of craft projects to keep me busy through Christmas and beyond

•Plans throughout the next couple of months: flying out to see Oldest THIS WEEK, annual fall festival next week, going to see The Boy in “Don Giovanni” at his university, Middle Sister’s concerts

•Excellent viewing on PBS this fall, to enjoy while I do my crafting. Is anyone else watching “The Roosevelts?” I’m loving it, and it prompted me to start reading “Franklin and Winston” by Jon Meacham, which I’d meant to do for some time. And “Inspector Lewis” is coming up soon – can’t wait to see Robbie and James back in action.

There’s no denying that the darkest months of the year are on their way. There’s less and less daylight every day (which is always hard for me) and we’re having very unusually cool weather for this time of year (which I’m loving). And yet the dread I normally feel at this time of year – a signal of oncoming Seasonal Affective Disorder – is currently nonexistent. Fingers crossed…though I will be sure to start my fall/winter/early spring antidepressant as soon as I get back from my trip to visit the Oldest.

It’s looking good so far.


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