Up or down?

Visiting our oldest, who shares a house with two other students, one male and one female, I’ve been forced to keep my mouth shut (uncharacteristically) regarding the debate about toilet seats: up or down?

All discussion has long been closed on this issue in our home.

The answer is down. Don’t argue. That’s just how it is.

No. Just....no. This is so wrong.

No. Just….no. This is so wrong.

Here are the facts:
•There are five people in our household. Two guys, three girls. Majority rules.
•Looking at the statistics involving events of elimination in our household of five, eight out of ten of these events involve sitting down.

The toilet seat goes down, gentlemen.


12 thoughts on “Up or down?

  1. Hahaha! I tried this with my kids/husband. Unfortunately, my daughter and I were outnumbered. After having one of these discussions, I received the “fair treatment” argument—why don’t we leave the seat up for them? Why must they put the seat down for us? *eye roll*


    • I dismissed the fair treatment argument years ago. One time our son tried to argue the point a few years ago, and The Husband jumped and and just shut him down. “Save your breath,” he said. “You will never win this argument.” So glad he’s so well trained.


  2. Always down…especially if you’ve had the dubious pleasure of arriving home needing desperately to “go” and running into the darkened bathroom you’ve sat only to find yourself falling in! Yup. Always down. (Now the lid is another matter because if that is also down in the same situation, you don’t fall in but you have a rather rude and messing “sit down”!) Not even any question about it!


  3. Ha ha. We taught all of the children (son included) that the seat goes down. It looks much nicer when the door to the bathroom is open and it makes it much harder for a toddler to throw objects into.


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