Signs of the times?

Two items seen while on the east coast with Oldest. Not that you couldn’t see this sort of thing anywhere. But these really caught my attention.

no profanity

The above was posted regularly along the boardwalk in Ocean City. Good suggestion at all times, really.

This next one, however, made me ill. It was on the back of an enormous pickup truck (as Shrek said, “Do you think he’s compensating for something?”) that also had: a big sticker about the driver being a member of the Patriot Guards, multiple NRA stickers, and a truly tasteless bumper sticker about President Obama.

bumper sticker insanityWhen I see something like that I fear for our future.


5 thoughts on “Signs of the times?

    • I agree! It is true that I did not hear any profanity at all while on the boardwalk. But then, in general I don’t hear all that much profanity anywhere I go. Maybe I’m too sheltered?


  1. This is a little unrelated, but speaking about ignorance attached to cars…I was almost t-boned by a pickup with a HUGE Confederate Flag billowing out of the bed of the truck. I would bet they had a few stickers, but I didn’t hang around to find out.

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