Of course they do.

For the last several years (off and on – not every waking moment) I’ve been searching online for a reproduction of an illustration that was in our kids’ AP U.S. History book when they were each juniors in high school. It was so funny that it literally made me fall off my bed laughing while I was meant to be helping our oldest study. Every junior year afterward I looked forward eagerly to the day when that year’s junior got to that chapter in the book. The illustration, in a chapter covering the early 1900’s, was a very old-fashioned lithograph from Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle.” In case you need a refresher, that was a horrifying expose of the repulsive practices of the meat industry at the time. It was the caption that made me gasp for air:

“Quick, Jargis! We must recover the body from the lard vat!”

Sadly, my search for this illustration has been fruitless. But tonight I found a consolation prize:

lard couple


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