There’s too much hair!**

It is an unfortunate fact of life that whatever hair we have, we wish we had something different.

Women with straight hair wish for curls. Women with wiry hair wish for fine tresses. Brunettes wish they were blonde. Those with thin hair long for a thick, full head.

For the most part, I’ve been pretty satisfied with what I’ve got. There was a time when straight, lanky locks were such a huge trend that I succumbed to the effects of a straightener every day. But spending half an hour on my coiffure every day staled pretty quickly. I’ve been back to the natural, unruly waves for a long time.

Every time I’ve ever gotten my hair cut by someone new, they’ve had to remark along the lines of “You have SO much hair!” What am I supposed to say to that? Thank you? I’m sorry?

There's some now!

There’s some now!

I end up saying “I’m sorry about the hair” way too often. Family members squeal in disgust when they find a long, dark, wavy strand in a bite of their dinner. “But unless you want me to wear a hair net at all times,” I tell them, “you’ll just have to deal with it.” I mean, it’s clean hair. It gets washed every day. Get over it!

I’m not slovenly – truly the house gets swept, dusted, and dust mopped on a regular schedule. But our hardwood and laminate floors all over the house are constantly piled with balls of dust bunnies featuring my long, dark hair. I myself have jumped in fear at what I took to be a nasty bug hiding in a laundry basket…which turned out to be a tangled mass of hair.

The only time we’ve ever had a break from my shedding was during the four years or so when I was pregnant most of the time. Apparently during pregnancy the body gives up producing new hair in favor of producing baby parts. It was a welcome reprieve, I must say.

All I can say is, I would have been very popular in Victorian times, when hair art was all the rage. People in my house should just be thankful I’m not saving up the wayward hairs and creating wall hangings out of them.


**For my fellow “Firefly” fans – this was my favorite line in the whole series, when River was afraid of The Shepherd because he took down his ponytail.




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