Today’s the day! The Little Free Library is up and running!

And we’ve already had five customers! Two little girls from next door each picked out a book. Two middle school boys (WOW!!) stopped by, asked how it worked, and took one each, and few minutes ago someone actually stopped their car to take a look and find a good read.

imageAfter all the planning and dreaming and waiting, my big fear was that we’d put it out there and no one would have any interest. Along the lines of giving a party that nobody comes to.

But it’s already a success. I love that so many people were in on making it happen. There were the donors to the LFL foundation who made the grant possible and the people who built it. There was the friend who built the post and the friend who dug the hole. My dad has brought by two boxes of books to share this week. Middle Sister helped with the decorating (we found enlarged Scrabble-ish tiles to scatter about on the sides, in a nod to my love of word games) and The Boy spent an hour this afternoon imagemeasuring, drilling holes, and mounting the library on its post. Every time someone stops by to check it out I’ll have the joy of thinking of all the people who were part of the project.

And JUST NOW as I type, I can hear a little girl’s voice shouting to her dad, who is down the street, “Dad! I want to get a book!”

Absolutely awesome.


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