The family village to the rescue

I’ve long believed it really does take a village to raise a child. It’s my experience that there are times when we all need a village supporting us. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

Sharpening the mower blade. Cool - sparks!

Sharpening the mower blade. Cool – sparks!

It was actually a fantastic day from start to finish. The Boy was mine for a whole day. We did projects around the house – including getting our Little Free Library up!! – and he plowed through a long to-do list. We shopped for supplies to get him through the next couple of months in the dorm. He played Bananagrams with me (a true sign that he actually misses his mama and wants to hang out with me, because he’s not a huge fan of games). I was thrilled to be with this one important part of my own personal village all day.

Later in the afternoon, another member of the village stopped by – our young friend who has taken on our yard as his personal project. He gave the grass a once over, did the edging, threw around some fertilizer-ish stuff. While he was at it he admired the LFL and offered to help out with some paving stones Garrett and LFLand landscaping. Excellent!

While we were talking, Middle Sister called from campus. Her day was over, but her car wouldn’t start. She was stuck in the parking garage and not sure what her next move should be. Our mowing friend immediately offered to run and get her – they’ve been good buddies for years. But I knew he had places to be. So The Boy, happy that his expertise was needed, headed for campus. He’s got a magic touch with that particular relic of a car (which we knew was a ticking time bomb) and managed to get it started.

But now Middle Sister and I are down to one vehicle. So in steps another member of our village, my dad. He’ll be giving me a lift to and from work tomorrow. Over the weekend while The Husband is home we’ll begin the search for a decent used car for our daughter.

Gotta love that village.


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