Danger Zone.

medium_2205567789Watching “Top Gun” with The Boy and Middle Sister the other night was less a blast from the past and more a blast of my past.

The Boy, a lifelong aviation enthusiast, has seen the film so many times he quotes right along with Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards. I have to admit to having seen “Top Gun” no less than three times when it was in theaters, so I could do some quoting, too. It was Middle Sister’s first time, though. Seeing this prime example of ’80’s schlock through her eyes was quite the eye-opener.

Commentary included:

  • “WHAT is she wearing/WHAT is with that hair?”
  • “Every single time Charlie and Maverick are in the same shot together we have to hear that same stupid five notes of theme song!” (Remember “Take My Breath Away?” On the radio every five minutes?)
  • “I do NOT need to see a silhouette of two people’s tongues.” (During the two minutes of soft porn bedroom scene.)
  • “Oh, a gratuitous naked guy volleyball scene. Nice.”
  • “Did people really think Tom Cruise was hot? He has a face like a mouse.”
  • “Didn’t ANYTHING worthwhile come out of the ’80’s?”

I did have an answer for that last one: “Yes. Your father’s and my marriage and the first time the Royals won the World Series.”

But that may have been all.


photo credit: kairin via photopin cc


One thought on “Danger Zone.

  1. She may have a point with the tongue thing, but the rest? OK, the hair. And the clothes – the 80s were a sartorial mistake all round. But what’s not to like? At least she appreciated the naked guy volleyball. Did she cry like a baby when Goose died? I’m welling up just at the thought.


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