Good morning text

Normally I would say that regularly checking my phone when I first wake up in the morning falls somewhat short of being a positive habit. But for the last couple of days I’ve been greeted by lovely texts that came in while I was sleeping.

imageYesterday morning I woke up to an invitation to use a friend’s extra ticket to the local dinner theater. Perfect timing – our daughter is out late every Tuesday evening and I had no dinner plans. So from the moment I opened my eyes I had something fun to look forward to yesterday. An added bonus was the “texting fail” response I got from my friend. I’m not sure what she was meaning to say back to my “sure, I’d love to go!” answer, but what I got from her made my day start with a laugh.

Then this morning the first glance at my phone revealed a late-night text from our boy. He wanted to let me know he had a date last night with a really great girl named Charlie (ironic considering our recent viewing of “Top Gun”) who he met at the theater box office at his university. The fact that he had a date wasn’t what made me so happy, of course. The joy came in the fact that he wanted to share the news with me.

Hooray for technology and questionable usage habits.


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