Go Royals!

medium_2400058197The metro area we live in has been swept up in World Series fever for the last week. I have to admit that this time around I’m a fair weather friend, but my roots as a Royals supporter do actually go way back.

I have pretty vivid memories of the Royals’ last race for the championship, back in 1985. I’d been following the Royals for years. In ’85 I was finishing up my last semester of college coursework before student teaching, preparing for my wedding in just over a month, and was glued to the TV in the lounge of my dorm with every other baseball fan on our floor, all the way through Game Seven.

I can still remember the names of my favorite players from that ’85 team – Bret Saberhagen, Dan Quisenberry, Steve Balboni, Dennis Leonard, Onix Concepcion, Mark Gubicza, Frank White, Willie Wilson, and of course George Brett.

When our kids were little, we took them to plenty of Royals games. That championship year was the high point for our hometown team, and things went downhill from there. So tickets were cheap, and it was a fun family outing.

But the older I’ve gotten (though I don’t feel like I’m getting older), the less interest I’ve had in professional sports. A long-time football fan, I lost all interest after I had a nasty concussion and all the news about players and CTE started coming out. I don’t like the football culture. Baseball is rather more civilized, but I still don’t get the need to live or die by your team, to spend literally a couple of thousand dollars to take your family to the big game.

I will say, though, I enjoyed watching last night’s Game Two. A five-run inning by your home team is pretty exciting. And best of all, baseball is so slow-paced I can keep my eyes on my knitting without missing anything.

I guess you could call me a pretty low-key fan. Looking forward to Friday night’s Game Three.


photo credit: jeffisageek via photopin cc


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