My alarm clock is plotting against me.

I know most people aren’t best buds with their alarm clock. After all, its sole function in life is to make you wake up and do things when you’d much rather stay asleep and comfy in bed.

But for the quite a few years, the alarm clock in our bedroom has, twice a year, been my arch enemy.

This is not the actual offender, but it is a close approximation.

This is not the actual offender, but it is a close approximation.

See, when we bought it back in the Dark Ages, it had this amazing function that allowed it to automatically do the “spring forward/fall back” thing on the correct date.

Guess what? Quite a few years ago, that date got changed. So for quite a few years, our bedroom alarm clock played a nasty trick on me. Once a year it made me an hour late for work on a Sunday (remember, Sunday morning is my biggest work day) and once a year it made me an hour early for work on a Sunday (not tragic, but pretty darned annoying).

And then about a year ago we got rid of our land phone line. We now live by our cell phones. And so I got into the habit of having Siri set me a Sunday morning alarm every Saturday night. Pretty slick. I can just ignore my treacherous bedroom clock and go by my dependable friend, Siri.

But last night my evil, plotting alarm clock found a new way to thwart me. I’ve been a wreck lately due to allergies, and have been taking one Benedryl at bedtime and another sometime around 1:00 am. Except last night I forgot that the clock did its sneaky change thing LAST Sunday. Rather than try and remember how to re-set it, I’ve been mentally putting it forward an hour each time I looked at it when I was awake and alert. But in the dark of last night I woke up at what the bedroom clock told me was 2:30. “That should be okay,” I thought to myself, and popped another Benedryl.

Alas and alack.  It was, of course, actually 3:30 am. And I needed to be up by 6:30. In my drugged (but at least not snotty and sneezy) state, I could only just barely drag myself into the land of the living at 7:45 real time. Meaning I just barely got in breakfast and a shower – but no makeup – before I had to dash out the door to work.

Watch your back, alarm clock. This means war.

photo credit: TheDarkThing via photopin cc


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