Beautiful surprise

I had planned a second post today, containing something hilariously odd that was in our local paper yesterday. But that can wait.

Because instead I have to say something about the blogging community.

For the last couple of months, a fellow blogger I’ve come to care about deeply had, I thought, completely disappeared. At first I thought maybe she was just having a bad week and was taking a break from posting. As time went on, I was afraid she’d had a relapse of an illness. I was worried. I missed her sense of humor, her insight, her honesty. And then I realized she wasn’t even commenting on my posts any more. That fact made me worry any more.

I’d been wondering how on earth I could try to contact her. Being fairly lame at technology, I’m not exactly an expert at navigating WordPress. And having a middle-aged brain that is about as full of holes as a colander, I never managed to do any detective work when I was actually at a computer. The worry about my blogging friend would hit me in the middle of the night, or while I was in the shower, or while driving to work. And by the time I sat down in front of a computer, my pitiful mind had moved on. And I have to admit, lack of self-confidence played a role, as well. Probably my posts didn’t really mean much to her, I told myself. Probably she didn’t miss me. Probably I was imagining that we’d become friends via our blogs.

But today I’m celebrating. Because my friend had the courage (and the intelligence required) to reach out to me in an email that’s attached to my other blog. She was afraid she’d offended me and I’d deliberately unfollowed her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well, I had ACCIDENTALLY unfollowed her- that much is true. No clue why her comments on my posts never showed up on my blog.

What I’m trying to say is that the blogging community is a real thing. Anyone who thinks that internet friendships aren’t real friendships is quite wrong.

This is a happy day. Thanks, April. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Beautiful surprise

  1. This is very true. I have had some of my blogging favorites leave WordPress for other sites. I sought them out on Bloglovin just to keep up to date with them. There is definitely a strong community. It is nice to have the extra support, understanding and perspective.


    • I agree. There are plenty of times I let out truths through a post that are really important to me, and the thoughts I receive back from repeat readers are often very meaningful.


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