Wednesday catch-all

So many and varied things going on in my brain. Let’s clear it out:

  • It was VERY hard to get out of bed this morning. I’ve been sleeping unusually well lately as I recover from what I thought was 10 days of allergy migraines but turned out to be an atypical sinus infection. So there’s that. Way worse is the election news. The people of my state have been duped yet again. Actually, that turns out to have been a national malaise…and the rich, powerful, selfish white guys remain in charge. Agony.
  • Last night our young friend appeared to manicure our lawn yet again. It hasn’t looked this good in years, since no one in our house will do any yard work until we can’t even get our our door without drowning in dead leaves. I had been admiring the houses I drove by where homeowners made their yards look as gorgeous as if it were still summer, and now ours looks that good, too.
  • At the same time, I’m sorry to see the beautiful orange leaves from our front yard maple trees disappear. Though one of the three has always been an inexplicably late leaf-dropper, so there is certainly more orange leaf-ery to come.
  • Also, I feel guilty because our lawn looked impeccable this morning but our neighbors’ lawns are still covered from the leaves from our trees…oops.
  • I dashed out while our friend was working in our yard to pick him up some donuts as a small thank-you (he won’t accept actual payment). And was once again defeated by a simple math problem. As in how many donuts does it take to make half a dozen? I accidentally ordered six regular donuts and two apple fritters. Yes, folks, that adds up to eight. The only thing for it was to keep the fritters and eat one for breakfast this morning. I know how to take one for the team.

And finally, here’s the funny thing that was in our paper Monday morning.

vinegar 1


vinegar 2

So many questions…

  • Who’s the vinegar enthusiast who paid for a FULL PAGE AD about the benefits of vinegar?
  • Who’s the creepy old lady advice columnist who doubles as a vinegar cheerleader?
  • Is there really such a thing as a vinegar diet? And if so, how can I jump on the bandwagon?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday catch-all

    • Come to think of it, I’ve tried drinking vinegar a couple of times lately. I’ve been having olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my salads at home, and it’s so delicious I tried drinking the dregs one time. It was a really bad idea. I got a terrible stomach ache.


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