Definition of disappointment

I woke up this morning with a song running through my head. Not a real song, mind you. A song my sleeping brain had made up started playing in my head the minute I opened my eyes. It was something along the lines of “Yes! Today is Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.” About thirty very confused seconds later, reality hit. No fun.



photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc


10 thoughts on “Definition of disappointment

    • It’s kind of weird, but I wake up about half the time with some song running through my head. Sometimes it’s the theme song from a tv show, or some song my kids have been listening to. Other times it’s something stupid my brain made up. This particular one was really cruel, though.

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    • At about 5:30 this morning I would have clutched at anything that would have allowed me to stay in bed. Tomorrow should be even worse, as he high temp tomorrow will be 40 degrees below the high today!


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