Wobbly Wednesday

Here I sit in grubby sweatpants and an ancient hoodie, in the lovely comfy chair in my bedroom. A freak cold hit me in the middle of the night last night, and I got only about three hours of sleep. Symptoms include terminally drippy nose, sneezing, drainage, and – get this – a slightly swollen and imagepainful left ring finger. I managed to get my wedding ring off, but only just, fearing irrationally that my finger would swell to balloon-size and my ring would cut off circulation. The finger thing is probably not related to the cold, unless it’s possible for a virus to settle in your knuckle. But it’s weird and it’s partly what kept me awake all night.

So I’m staying home today, having been unusually efficient at work recently and being well caught up on upcoming, looming events. I’ll be doing a lot of nose-blowing, tea-sipping, and hopefully sleeping today.

I’ll also be thinking constantly about our oldest, 1500 miles away and about to have her oral qualifying exam for her doctoral program this afternoon. That means three hours standing in front of five professors, fielding questions that at best will be in her research subject area and at worst could be about some arcane article they just happened to read in a journal this morning. Stress to the 110th degree. Our girl is responsible and conscientious, and is as prepared as anyone can possibly be. But she also works way too hard, usually making herself ill in the process. I expect to get a phone call tomorrow or Friday saying she’s got strep or mono or Ebola as a result of having worked and studied around the clock for the last couple of months.  I will give her my favorite advice: Put your feet up, have a cup of tea, and read a good book. Give yourself a break.

Thank goodness she’ll be home next week for Thanksgiving, along with the rest of the household, and we can spoil and coddle her to our hearts’ content.

And now, for another cup of tea and another fortifying and supportive text to my oldest baby.


9 thoughts on “Wobbly Wednesday

    • Thanks. 🙂 I’m back at work this morning, for a half day. Then I’ll go home and collapse again. But I’m definitely on the mend. And our daughter is over the moon after passing her exam with flying colors!

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