Day-off to-do’s

The sick and twisted list crosser-offer in me took over this week.

All week long I’ve been keeping a running list of the unpleasant tasks I want to do around the house today, my day off. Things I’ve been putting off so long I no longer see them:

•Cleaning out several pounds’ worth of dust bunnies from under and behind the table skirt on my bedside table

•Putting away all of The Husband’s summer socks. At age 54 this task is apparently beyond his skill level. Okay, he doesn’t have much time for that sort of thing on the one day he’s home each week. But I’ve been doing this stuff for him for YEARS.

•Clearing out my dresser drawers. I predict I will find 25 pairs of unwearable socks (either because they’re full of holes or because they’re actually only a half pair), five pairs of summer pajamas, and not a few undergarments I haven’t worn for at least ten years. Oooh, maybe I’ll even unearth a pair of prehistoric pantyhose… Surely there’s a museum somewhere looking for that sort of thing to put on display.

•Fixing a piece of household decor that fell apart over the summer. It was held together with hot glue. Today I’m going all CRAZY on it and using shoe goo. Take that, wall art!

All this is on top of my usual Friday tasks of grocery shopping, laundry, and basic cleaning.

Do I know how to party, or what?


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