To Black Friday and Beyond!

How we celebrated the day after Thanksgiving:

• Slept late.
•Made waffles and berries for a leisurely late breakfast.
•Finally found new tires for The Boy’s Jeep (at a discount because from a friend who works at Firestone). We’ll all sleep better knowing his highway drives will be that much safer.
•Decorated the Little Free Library for Christmas (berry garland around the post – pretty and understated).
•Played Bananagrams!
•Saw “The Theory of Everything” at one of our arts houses. Very good film.
•Leftovers for dinner – no cooking!
•Played “Things” until we were so worn out from laughing we had to go to bed.

Today life begins to get back to normal. Chores, errands, extended family visiting, last-minute supply shopping for those returning to college, get-togethers with old high school friends, preparing The Husband’s stuff for another week on the road. The usual chaos.

Tomorrow we get back to a quiet house that stays tidy all the time, while three of its members are far away.

It was a lovely holiday, while it lasted.


4 thoughts on “To Black Friday and Beyond!

  1. Every year I like to buy a new non-electronic game for the family to play, Things sounds like this year’s choice. I’m happy you had a short wonderful time, chaos and all.


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