On the first day of Advent…

The Boy had to head back to college early this morning for an all-day concert rehearsal, but he left a tip on his bedside table, making his mother laugh out loud from miles away.


Oldest, Middle, and I took Grandma to 10:30 church because The Husband (who usually takes her to imageour 9:15 liturgical service) had to hit the road in his truck yesterday afternoon.  Because we had so much time this morning, the girls and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a few hands of cards before we had to leave for church. 10:30 is our contemporary service, and Grandma didn’t even say a word today about how loud the music is. A lovely Advent gift.

imageAfter a lunch out, Oldest and Middle and I shopped the pants off of Old Navy – literally. We all came away with a new sweater and new pair of jeans each. FUN!

We created a new Advent “wreath” for the dinner table. If you’re not familiar with this tradition, we light one of the outer candles each Sunday, adding one on each Sunday of Advent. By Christmas Eve, all four small candles will be lit, and we’ll also light the white “Christ candle” in the center. We’ve had various incarnations of Advent wreaths over the years, and this may be my favorite of all.

imageFinally, my girls gave me a private concert, including “Breath of Heaven,” which they sang together in church a number of years ago.

In just over an hour we’ll take Oldest to the airport. Memories of so many happy moments together over the long weekend will keep me going until we’re all back together again in a few weeks.

Comfort and joy.


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