Fa la la la la

The season of Christmas concerts is upon us.

I love attending all our kids’ concerts. I’ve driven six hours round trip repeatedly over the last two years to hear The Boy sing with his university choirs and in operas. I’m happy to drive with Middle Sister several hours early for call time for her concerts, and sit in the van keeping myself occupied until show time. I hate that Oldest no longer has time to participate in orchestras – though I wouldn’t be able to attend even if she did.

But Christmas concerts are the BEST. I adore all Christmas music, the decorations, the elusive but real sense of joy and anticipation in the air. Add in watching my darlings put their heart and soul into a beautiful performance, and I’m over the moon.

This afternoon Middle Sister and I will drive three hours once again for her brother’s concert. We’ve been promised a private performance by his barbershop group afterward. We’ll sleep over at a hotel and get up EARLY tomorrow morning to drive three hours back for work and school. Totally worth it.

This Saturday is Middle’s concert, in a gorgeous Catholic cathedral downtown, which has heavenly acoustics.

Next week is our high school winter concert, when all alumni are invited to the stage for the final song, which they all learned during their years in high school choir.

medium_2099724682And in the meantime, I’m listening to All Christmas Music, All The Time – not via the trashy local pop stations that have been subjecting listeners to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” since the day after Halloween. No, I’m enjoying my Spotify app that plays Celtic, classical, and choral Christmas music for me all day long. And the enormous collection of holiday CD’s and digital files we’ve amassed over the years.

Gaudete, gaudete, Christus est natus

Ex Maria Virgine gaudete!

photo credit: Marilyn M via photopin cc


2 thoughts on “Fa la la la la

  1. Love christmas music!!! I am only playing Christmas music in the house and car right now! it cheers me up when I am feeling down and reminds me to remember the magic of the season! 🙂


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