Dear Santa: Things I do not want for Christmas.

I’ve seen several blog posts and articles in the last few days about what other moms are looking for under the tree for Christmas. Lots of fun ideas, but medium_6485865107personally I’m concerned with what I do NOT want for Christmas:

  • A work Christmas party. This is my definition of hell. As much as I enjoy, admire, and respect the people I work with, NO F-ing WAY! Luckily, our celebration with one half of my extended family is scheduled for the same day as this year’s staff party. Dodged a bullet there, though I’m trading one misery for another…
  • Three exhausting extended family celebrations all within just a day or two of each other. Unfortunately, we’ve been stuck with that situation forever and a day, with no end in sight. It’s hopeless.
  • Laundry baskets. Long ago The Husband told me about the time he gave his mother laundry baskets for Mother’s Day and how much she loved it. I told him in no uncertain terms what would happen to him if he ever gave me such a gift. Now, of course, at every gift-giving occasion, he asks me what color laundry baskets I would like. Thankfully, so far he’s been joking every time.

On the positive side, there will be a LOT of what I do want for Christmas: baking, Christmas music, a lovingly decorated home, all my babies home at the same time, laughter, more than a week of vacation time.

Thanks, Santa.

photo credit: Puzzler4879 via photopin cc


6 thoughts on “Dear Santa: Things I do not want for Christmas.

  1. This may sound really mean, but thankfully, we moved across the country and don’t have to attend any family gatherings and we have a valid excuse. Those company parties? I beg my husband to not take me. Takes the fun out of occasions–unless it’s your own kids. 🙂


    • I don’t think that sounds mean at all – I’m terribly envious. I’m kind of hoping some of our holiday gatherings get scuttled due to my husband’s driving schedule…we’ll see!


    • I’m glad I’m not alone in that sentiment. For the most part I enjoy the people we have to get together with, but there’s a layer of stress that makes me want to crawl into a hole!


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