Christmas giggles

We decorated our tree on Thanksgiving day – first time ever, but that’s how the schedule worked out.

I don’t think we’ve ever thrown an ornament away. Even the old and busted ones have a home in our storage box – I just can’t bear to get rid of those memories.

Oldest dug this one out and took the photo.


Our recollection is that this guy was not originally a Gangnam Style dancer. Nor was he a crotch-grabbing pop star. We think he came with a rocking horse that fell off somewhere along the way.

He’s a lot more fun now, though.


11 thoughts on “Christmas giggles

  1. Oh dear. It’s the little things that make a family laugh together (and love together) and create those memories. You know next year as soon as you take him from the ornament box you will all start laughing again.


  2. It’s possible that little Swedish elf we always put at the back of the tree has been egging that poor bear on! I bet the rocking horse took off to save his reputation.


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