Full house.

Yesterday: Alone in the house, solitude, quiet music, and two hours of aerobic chores.

Today: Full house.

The Husband arrived home unexpectedly at midnight. Thankfully The Boy and his girlfriend were here for the night, and out and about at midnight, and therefore able to go pick up the father from the parking lot where he parked his truck.

Yesterday I had peace and a sense of accomplishment.

Today I have people all over the place to cook for, to do laundry for, to visit with.

It’s all good.


7 thoughts on “Full house.

  1. I always look forward to the chaos. And then, about a day later, wonder what I was thinking. haha My oldest son and my daughter are OBNOXIOUS when they’re together. LOL But, it has created some really funnny memories, for when I’m alone again in an empty house. :o)


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