Excellent birthday morning!

My birthday got an excellent start at midnight last night when I  heard two of my dear ones coming home at the same time. Middle Sister from her boyfriend’s apartment, and The Boy from his college town, for a month of winter break. I didn’t fully wake up, though – just lay in bed smiling peacefully as I listened to their chatter.

ihop breakfastFirst thing this morning, I had a brilliant idea – breakfast out! Middle Sister was immediately on board, though she knew it would be difficult to find anything she could eat on the IHOP menu. Getting The Boy up was pretty tricky – he’d stayed up into the wee hours. I went in to nudge him awake, and got a beautiful flashback to his toddler days. In his sleep, he grabbed my hand and held on tight, then pressed my hand to his cheek. That was one of his endearing habits when he was a tiny thing – what a special gift to start out my day!

A meal with our family requires a lot of mental acrobatics, as topics zoom through the air from one subject to another at lightning speed. Thankfully I had my own full pot of coffee on the table at our booth, which woke me up enough to keep me from missing the trapeze bar and dropping to the net below.

Oldest, of course, couldn’t be with us, but I looked at her Facebook birthday greeting as we ate. It made me laugh so suddenly I almost snorted my spinach and mushroom omelette through my nose: “There is something wrong with me, because I saw people wishing Amy a happy birthday and I thought, ‘Amy? Who is Amy?’ Happy birthday to my very favorite female parent!”

Soon afterward, The Husband called from the road with his birthday greetings. Tonight we’ll do a family conference call/Facetime chat as I open gifts. But the biggest, most anticipated birthday gift will arrive later in the week – I’ll save that for another post.

Happy birthday to me!



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