Happy Mama

We have a video from when our kids were very small, in which Middle Sister, at about age three, is singing tunelessly to herself, “Happy Kayla” – her version of the happy birthday song for her big sister. Insert “Mama” into that little ditty, and you have a perfect summation of my day yesterday.

Breakfast out with two of my babies. Lunch out with my dad. Tons of birthday messages on Facebook, which I love no matter how repetitive they are. Returned home to the BIG “SURPRISE:”


I am in literary heaven.

A new bookshelf for the living room. It’s long overdue – the one shelf we’ve had for years was overflowing, with books stacked three-deep. Part of my gift was that The Boy built it when it was delivered yesterday, and that Middle Sister assisted in rearranging the books and displaying them attractively. I think I spent at least an hour in the living room last night and this morning, simply admiring our work.

The most exciting thing about this project for me (besides the fact that it was lovingly organized by my family) is that the books that mean so much to me that they’ve become a permanent part of who I am, are now lovingly sorted and displayed. It’s the focal point of the room, and it’s a true indication of what I value.

IMG_1166We wrapped up the evening with a family conference call while I opened my other gifts, and then the three of us currently at home enjoyed a heavenly birthday treat, individual dark chocolate/sea salt caramel cheesecakes, created by Middle Sister earlier in the day. Our younger daughter is an amazing cook, and these were unbelievably decadent and delicious.

Blissful birthday!


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