Two interesting things…

1. The Boy has been desperate for me to see “Interstellar” with him for several weeks. We squeezed it in yesterday, and there was a lot to like about the movie. But the best part is this (it’s not quite a spoiler, but here’s an alert just in case): The survival of the human race is largely dependent upon a little girl’s book shelf. How incredibly awesome is that!?!?!?!?!

2. I have polled various members of my family, and the consensus is that this ad from yesterday’s newspaper is offensive. I mean, I’m a big fan of sparkly jewelry. I would not complain if, in some alternate universe, we could afford for the husband to give me such a ring for Christmas. But the caption in this ad is truly appalling:


Happy Saturday, all!


8 thoughts on “Two interesting things…

      • Do you know, i bet they felt all ironically-Mad Men-ish when they came up with that – a witty pun in a world of misogyny. All back slaps and high fives like a bunch of muppets on The Apprentice. BUT:
        1) If it’s aimed at men, we as women should be offended that we can be bought with diamonds and that if said gems aren’t good enough we’ll have an affair or leave him;
        2) If it’s aimed at us women we should be offended that apparently we can’t support ourselves and that we have to rely on diamonds as our insurance policy, poised to pawn them when things go wrong.
        3) We should also be offended by the thought that we should covert such ugly rings anyway.
        Never mind back slaps – a slap around the face would be more appropriate (and quite 1950s, don’t you think?).

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        • You’ve echoed every one of my sentiments about this ad. I did have one very discouraging thought, though. I think there’s a pretty large segment of society that it probably appeals to. I’m thinking of some acquaintances who are very fundamentalist, as well as the rich, old, powerful white guys who are pictured in the society pages with their glitzy wives. Sigh.


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