Mad skills.

I’m titling this post with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

IMG_1576The two skills I’ve acquired recently:

1. Downloading CDs onto my new laptop and then onto my phone. The Boy gave me a thorough tutorial on this process, so now I can do it myself instead of waiting until he takes a trip home from college. I’m pretty pleased with myself to have loaded several of my favorite Christmas CDs yesterday. But I’m also aware that it’s fairly pitiful that I only just now learned how to do it.

2. Knitting a hat. The ironic component of this skill is that this is how my first attempt turned out:


That’s how it fit on The Husband’s head. It was intended for Middle Sister. I promise I checked the pattern over and over, and I followed directions to the letter. Actually, it’s perfectly shaped. But it’s more the size of a wheel cover than a hat.

Here’s the second attempt.


Different pattern, and a complete success.

I’ve heard that learning new things helps you stay young. I’m doing my part.


6 thoughts on “Mad skills.

  1. Beautiful hat! I have probably already rambled about this, but my first pair of socks were hilarious. I used the wrong yarn, and one was huge and the other too small. I was going to keep them for a laugh every now and then, but they were one of those things I ripped the socks apart for a *stash* knitting project. Congratulations on your mastery.

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    • Thanks! The grey hat made us laugh so much we decided to keep it even though there’s truly no use for it. Holy cow, a pizza pan fits inside it! I realized about halfway through it was pretty odd, but I was having so much using circular needles that I just went ahead and finished it.


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