Holiday bling.

Yesterday, the holiday continued with an awesome shopping trip with the crew currently staying at our Holiday Inn.

First, to DSW for tall black boots for each of the girls – our big Christmas gift to them. Success on both pairs of feet, after hitting two separate DSW stores.

Then on to Brighton. It’s a high-end shop I would never dream of entering…except for the fact that I got a VERY nice-sized gift card from an extremely generous congregation member in appreciation for my work.

So I went absolutely ape-%@#* crazy on bling. The entire haul of gorgeous glitz:


And a close up of the amazing drop earrings, which declare my love of music:


Heavenly. I’ve donned the post earrings today, and plan to wear the rest of the ensemble to the New Year’s dinner out with our crew and my dad tomorrow evening. Lovely to indulge in a bit of luxury for a change.

Here’s hoping your New Year holiday brings (or brought, depending upon which side of the date line you sit on) lots of bling and glitz for you, too!


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