The thing about the New Year.

I don’t really enjoy the whole New Year thing.

Because here’s what I associate with the New Year:

Cold, dark isolation:


Creepy images that some evil ad wizard came up with long, long ago:


Whereas, this is how I feel about Christmas…colorful, warm, and comforting:


It doesn’t help that in my freaky little mind I picture the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another as sort of a long balance beam. You start at one end, creating life experience and memories as you walk along all year. Then when you get to the other end, you jump off into an abyss, walk around back to the beginning again, climb up, and start all over. That jumping off into the abyss and going back to the beginning is disturbing for me every year. It’s as if, in my head, everything that happened last year is completely disconnected to what’s about to happen. Yeah, I get over it in a month or so. But this January 1 thing is just hard for me. All the more so because we’ve just had such a beautiful, happy month of Christmas.

In a nutshell…

Christmas: warm, cozy, beautiful, full of anticipation, surprises, and my dear family all together

New Year:: three months ahead of truly sucky weather, bare trees, the unknown stretching before me, putting away all the gorgeous decorations that have warmed our home for the last month, and my babies scattered afar

It’s not that I’m particularly depressed. In fact, I’m having the fewest SAD symptoms I can remember in several years. It’s just that I always have such a hard time with that disconnect between the comfort of Christmas and the looming barren-ness of the New Year.

I hope all the New Year partiers had a wonderful time last night, and that everyone got home safely to have a long, restoring sleep.

I think I’ll spend some time today formulating a game plan for getting through the frigidity of Winter 2015 with some semblance of peace and joy.


15 thoughts on “The thing about the New Year.

    • I think getting old does not apply to you. 🙂 I suggest planning the perfect birthday celebration for yourself, so that you’ll have that to look forward to this month. In fact, maybe I’ll do the same. My birthday is past, but maybe I should create a “happy me day” so I’ll have something to look forward to!


      • A happy me day sounds like the ideal plan!
        I’m a bit scared to build my birthday up. It’s the big 4-0 and i don’t want to be disappointed when my presents have clearly come from the 70% off sale and half my friends aren’t drinking/eating because of new year’s resolutions (which is usually the case).
        But perhaps a ‘me’ treat is in order that i can contemplate and look forward to.


  1. If you think of some ideas for getting through the winter with peace and joy, please let us know! 🙂 I agree with the contrast of Christmas vs. Still Way Too Much Winter Ahead. In any case–have a great 2015!

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    • You, too! I’m convinced that someone made a really stupid mistake putting Christmas only four days into the actual season of winter. If Christmas came at the end of January, it would be much easier to get through these cold, bleak days!


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