One last backward glance…

The fun’s over. On Saturday we put away Christmas (with much angst), rewarded ourselves after this depressing activity with a viewing of “The Imitation Game,” said goodbye to Oldest (for months) and The Husband (for a week), Today it’s back to work (for me) but two or three more weeks of vacation for The Boy and Middle Sister.

I have plenty to do in the office today, and we have one more house guest arriving this afternoon – The Boy’s girlfriend –  for a few days’ stay. But I can’t help but look back with a re-cap of some bizarre and amusing comments I heard from various family members  over the last few days of vacation:

“Hold on. I have to put on my shoes so I can go talk to garbage.” Courtesy of The Husband. I knew exactly what he meant, though on the face of it, this comment is cryptic.

“My feet smell fantastic!” Me, after a quick home pedicure that involved soaking said feet in aroma-therapy epsom salts.

“Standing next to Stephen Hawking in a tutu. But the question is, is it me in the tutu or is it Stephen Hawking? Because if it’s Stephen Hawking in the tutu, I’m in the clear.” Answer to this question in one of our family’s favorite games: “Describe an embarrassing situation.”

All right. No more stalling.

It’s off to work I go.






8 thoughts on “One last backward glance…

    • Me, too. There was a cartoon in the paper this morning that absolutely summed up my Monday and Tuesday…a woman sitting in her office doing nothing, and thinking “I need to do work. I need to do work. I need to do work.” I can hardly even remember what it is I do to earn a paycheck.


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