We need more project!

The red paint in our entryway was such a success that Red Wall Number Three is now about to happen.

We had the idea for a third red wall the day after the entryway was finished and TRAGEDY STRUCK. We didn’t discover that the stopper on the entryway door was broken until it swung back and bashed a neat, round hole right into the beautiful new red wall. There would have been tears, if not for the fact that The Boy will still be home for one more week and that he is an expert spackler.


Stage two of the project took shape quickly. Remove the ancient and nasty vertical blinds from the albatross of a sliding glass door in the dining area. Patch and paint that wall red. Put up new curtains. Instant transformation.


Unfortunately, I’ve been home with some kind of crud that makes me feel like I haven’t slept in days, so I’m not much help on stage two. The good news is that I’ve been able to hand over the necessary shopping, patching, and painting to the two younger siblings with great success. I simply sit on the couch and direct between naps. If all goes according to plan, the project should be finished by Thursday.

Fingers crossed that I’ll have photos to share in a couple of days.


6 thoughts on “We need more project!

    • Yeah. the kids have been absolutely awesome on this project. I don’t remember ever having a plan and having it fall into place so smoothly. And what is it with those glass doors? What stupid kind of builder would think that was a good idea? I’d love to replace them with french doors, but the new window treatments are a much cheaper and faster compromise.

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