My secret for keeping the house clean.

I’ve long had a secret to keeping the house neat and tidy – invite people over at regular intervals so that you are forced to clean and straighten everything. I sometimes think if I hadn’t hit on this little trick our house would resemble a stinking junk yard. Of course, as an introvert this practice goes against my true nature. There’s the issue of my mental health v. my need for a clean home. But I still appreciate the rare occasion to have people over, with my ulterior motives always lurking in the background.

Tonight is an example of one of those occasions. Actually, the small event I’ve got happening at our house tonight takes care of two issues at once: Gathering my team of volunteers from work for a strategy and planning session WITHOUT having to leave my lovely, cozy house in the dark and cold, AND giving me an excuse to clean like mad.

Not to mention that I’ll enjoy showing off the decorating projects we’ve tackled in the last couple of weeks.

Then, too, there’s the fun of making and serving treats to my team, a group of women I really enjoy and respect. On the menu tonight:

  • decaf home made chai
  • decaf vanilla caramel coffee
  • juices
  • a “make-your-own parfait” bar that will include fresh berries, yogurt, home made granola, brownies, and home made salted caramel sauce

It promises to be a fun evening – not in the least because we get to make plans for effectively and responsibly spending a very generous donation to the area I work in.

And with any luck, I’ll still get to see some of the State of the Union address as I sit and enjoy my nice, clean house!


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