Why not just nail my head to the wall?

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve posted something on Facebook that got me into an ideological argument that’s raising my blood pressure. I did it yesterday, Facepalm_stick_figuretoo, commenting on something my son posted. And commenting on something posted by a really rotten social and fiscal hyper-conservative politician in our state.

Why do I do this to myself? I won’t say in this venue what it was I posted or what it was I commented on. Because if I keep this up my head will probably explode.

I should know better. You can’t win an argument with people who have no experience with the concept of “empathy.”


13 thoughts on “Why not just nail my head to the wall?

  1. I used to get myself worked up about these sort of things too. I realized though that it is impossible to have an intelligent political debate with someone of social media. It seems that no matter what side you stand for nobody will ever concede to a good point or a unknown fact. I lean to one side of course, but can see merits in what others say even if I don’t agree with them 100%. Most do not! They will argue just for the sake. I can appreciate having a passion for what you believe in, but many do it without an open mind or even true knowledge of what they are fighting for. They bring name calling, profanity and sometimes even threats to what should just be an intellectual debate. It is just not worth it to try to speak your mind. You will always lose. Facebook is evil. Lol! It is more and more debates, insults and judgments than cute babies and family anecdotes these days.

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