Blizzard envy.

This week the big news (because I’m taking a much-needed break from the outrage of politics) is the HUGE snow in New England. Our northeastern friends are dealing with as much as two feet of snow, and quite frankly I’m jealous.

Here we are in the Midwest with naked trees, brown grass, and temperatures that are spring-like warm. Yet spring is really too far off to contemplate, so we’re stuck with the ugliness of winter without any of the interesting bits. I have guilt because the weather’s so nice I really should be out raking up the mountains of crunchy leaves that didn’t jettison from our oak trees until late December. I’m disappointed because it’s not much fun curling up in the evening with a blanket and a cup of tea when we had the windows open part of the day. No pleasing some people, huh?

long winterI would actually enjoy the excitement of stocking up on milk and eggs, planning meals that could be prepared on our gas stove when the power goes out, holing up for a day or so before a kind friend drops by with his snow blower to set us free. A day of tea, reading, card games by candlelight, and knitting.  And picturing myself as the intrepid Laura Ingalls, surviving the “Long Winter.” In my blizzard fantasy, the whole family would be there with me, cuddling up for warmth and rushing to the window every few minutes to stare at the beauty of the dazzling white drifts.

So I say to our New England neighbors, “Good luck and enjoy!” And please send some of that blizzard our way!



12 thoughts on “Blizzard envy.

  1. Even after clearing 34″ of snow yesterday, I will still admit to a childish glee in having gotten a snow day off from work, and glad to have had my family home and safe with me for all of it. If I could, I would send you some of our snow — preferably everything that’s in my mother-in-law’s driveway because we still have to dig her out today!

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  2. I’d love a bit of that snow too. Preferably I a day when I could go and play with the kids in the snow and then sit inside drinking cocoa, because on a work day I’d still have to go in and work, what with our snow never reaching a decent depth and work being too walkable.
    By the time I’ve slipped over on it a few times and it’s all turned to slush I hate it. But for that first morning my inner child just wants to play.


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