Giving in to the inevitable.

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve just ordered a pair of bifocals.

That's me, a super-cute glasses bunny.

That’s me, a super-cute glasses bunny.

I love my eye doc. She’s not like a doctor – she’s just a regular mom-type person, exactly my age. She said exactly the right words to help me make this move to the dreaded “old person’s” glasses: Don’t feel like you have to wear them all the time. No guilt. A lot of the time you will not want to wear bifocals. Keep your single distance-vision glasses for things like going to a movie or driving on a long trip. Go without glasses when you don’t need them, just as you do now, at home and during the work day. These are just a different tool, and you can use them whatever way works best for you.

So in two weeks’ time I’ll have the first new pair of glasses I’ve had in seven years, and I’ll never wear contacts again – just can’t make them work for me any more.

I’d like to make a few things clear, though:

  • I am still very cool. NOT old.
  • I look pretty damn good. I know because my darling daughter and husband tell me so all the time. I do NOT look old.(Never mind the interesting texture of skin on my neck…I’m sure that’s just a trick of the light.)
  • My inner hipster is doing very well, thank you very much.

So there.


9 thoughts on “Giving in to the inevitable.

    • Ugh…I do NOT want to see that, though it’s probably a good thing if I do. I’m curious – how much do you wear your bifocals? And did it take you long to get used to them?


      • I have the no line bifocals, and I don’t remember having too much trouble with them. Just don’t use the bottom part of the glasses if you are going down stairs. That takes some getting used to. But…with the type of no line I seem to get, to really see clearly near or far, I have to maneuver my head in the perfect position. It seems like most of the time I can see, but it isn’t perfectly clear. Last time I got a pair of bifocal strength only which I use for reading and computer time so that I don’t have to tip my head back. I have another pair for distance. I’m almost wondering if it would work better to have that line across the middle.


        • Interesting. That’s really helpful. I remember that going down the stairs thing from the last time I got glasses – they’re kind of narrow and at first if I looked out below the lenses I nearly tripped all the time. Actually, I’ve kind of been using them as bifocals for a while now, by just peeking underneath the lenses. That works a lot of the time, but if I need to do something REALLY close I’ll probably need the real bifocals.


  1. All the hippest, coolest people wear glasses. They’re hip and cool because they know that glasses don’t make the person, they reflect them.
    As for failing eyesight, I think it’s a blessing. Who wants to see an HD image in the mirror once things aren’t quite where they once were?


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