Little Free Library Update

Winter weather, though we’ve had a pretty mild winter, has slowed down traffic at our book-sharing box in our front yard.

But a couple of little happenings this week, when we had a 70 degree day, caught my attention:

-One of the packs of middle schoolers that comes down our sidewalk at 4:05 every day suddenly veered off to cross the street just before they reached our house. All except one tall, beefy kid – one of the loudest in the pack. He stayed on our side and stopped to look inside the library for a moment. He didn’t take anything – I’m sure that would be too dweeby for words – but it was a great moment nonetheless. Dare to be different!

-Yesterday a car paused in front of our house and a woman quickly dashed out of her car, opened the library door, and without taking time to even look at the titles grabbed a stack of books, got back into her car and drove away. I suppose some people would look upon that action as abusing the library, or as some sort of “stealing.” But the whole point of this project is to get books into the hands of as many people as possible. Wherever those books are going, they can’t do anything but make life better for someone, somewhere.

Life happening in my front yard. I love it!



7 thoughts on “Little Free Library Update

    • I’m with you. Though I’m glad that the availability of ebooks gets more people reading, they will never work for me. I need the feel of the pages, YES, the smell, and the print on the page.


  1. I love this concept and project. Did I ever tell you that I checked out the website when I first met you? I live at the end of a cul-de-sac so rather thought it to be a great community project idea for my employer. This reminds me that I still need to make the pitch.


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