Dispel the gloom.

Causing gloom today:

– The weather. What was supposed to be snow this weekend (which would actually be kind of fun) has turned into grey skies and cold rain. Yuck.

-Disappointment. The Husband, who wasn’t able to get home at all last weekend, won’t make it home until fairly late today. And then he’ll be on his way again early Monday morning. I miss him, feel bad that he’s getting so little down time and home time in the last month, AND it means my entire afternoon tomorrow will be focused on his laundry, food packing, and trying to make sure all the most important bill, mortgage, car, and tax issues are covered within about an 8-hour window. That’s after a Sunday morning at work, the most important and completely exhausting day of my week.

-Missing my people. All three kids are totally wrapped up in their college and friend lives again. Of course that’s normal and healthy, and I’m happy for them. But boy is it a suck fest that they’re so distant, with no change on the horizon.

A bit of sunshine to dispel the gloom:

-The house looks GREAT. With the new decorating we did recently and the fact that no one but me is ever home, it’s pretty much exactly the way I want it all the time. Very peaceful, relaxing, and comforting.

-New and interesting challenges at work. I’ve got at least three big projects to tackle in the coming months, all of which I’m fired up about. As it happens, there’s also an extremely difficult situation that’s cropped up in the past week, which I have to rely on other staff members to resolve, but which affects me and the area I work in to a huge extent. Holding my breath on that one.

-Renewed efforts with my good friend, neighbor, and co-author on the book we’ve been writing. It’s great fun to delve into fiction again, and have a project to do with someone I like so much.

Here’s hoping that there are plenty of rays of sunshine where you are.



3 thoughts on “Dispel the gloom.

  1. Cold here, and dreary. The Pacific Northwest is pretty in the winter. There are so many evergreens and the grass stays green, so it feels as if live continues. In the south, the grass hibernates, all the leaves fall, and the evergreens that grow are nothing but large poles with a poof of green on top. Here’s to wishing for sunny days. 🙂


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