Oh, and then there’s this…

Disclaimer: I am 100% supportive of LGBTQ issues. I have an equality “=” sticker on my van, being an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.

So here’s the other thing about my weekend gloom and weirdness:

Tomorrow night (and I remind you, dear reader, that it will be the most stress-filled work day of my week and the only few hours I’ll have with my husband in the last two weeks) my niece/nephew will be spending the night with us after a scholarship audition in a neighboring college town, before she heads home to Austin, Texas on Monday. Really, I’m happy to have her and she’s very welcome – it’s just bad timing.

And there’s a fair amount of backstory: My sister’s family is…unique. I have long believed that their main motivation in life is to be as absolutely different from the rest of the world as possible. There’s no religious or social judgment here, really – but I can’t help but find their choices annoyingly “Look! Look how out-there we are!” Every single aspect of their lives (from fancying themselves to be Druids to deliberately using British English in speaking and spelling) is pretentious and extremely in-your-face.

So when the young lady I’ve always considered my niece announced a couple of years ago (on Facebook, no less) that she was pan-sexual – a term I’m still not quite clear about – my personal conviction was that this declaration was pretty likely to be yet another nose-thumbing to the world. She now insists she is actually a male, and in order to be respectful we all feel we should refer to her with masculine pronouns.

I would be totally supportive of him in this major life event…if only I believed it were genuine. In reality, even his grandmother and mother, who know him best, feel strongly that this is simply a phase born of a need to be different. In conversation, I catch his mother accidentally using the female pronoun regularly.

And now I’m expecting to be on edge Sunday night and Monday for fear of slipping up with the pronouns.

It’s an interesting world.


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