Blog guilt.

I have to admit to occasionally checking my WordPress stats. Not that they’e terribly interesting, but occasionally I discover that someone from a fascinating and exotic, far-off land has checked in with Mom Goes On. Or I find that for some reason a few people have looked at posts I wrote some time ago. It’s mildly entertaining.

blog1But something that was added to the “new and improved” ( I have my doubts about that) stats page recently just smacked me across the face with guilt. It’s that thing just under the bar graph, which says how many posts you’ve published on that day. Pressure! Just now when I looked it said, “No posts published.”

Okay, okay, I get the message. Here’s your freaking post, Mr. Bossy Pants Stats Page.


22 thoughts on “Blog guilt.

  1. I have been feeling a little guilty too. I haven’t posted in a while. This is my first time on WordPress in about two weeks. Oops! That and I feel that no one reads my blog anyway. Which doesn’t bother me considering that I originally just made the blog for my own personal venting site. Lol.

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