Adventures in dining.

S.O.S.!!! I am being held hostage in my own home and being forced to eat healthy foods!

It all started when our younger daughter had nasty stomach issues combined with gall bladder surgery. Her diet changed radically when we had to come up with a lot of new low-fat, high-fiber recipes to keep her from being nauseous twenty-four hours a day.

Compounding this interesting development is her recent conversion to being a vegetarian foodie. She’s become all ethical, and no meat or meat products will pass her lips. Luckily, she’s also discovered a zeal for cooking. She even spent her Christmas money on a food processor. Suddenly our meals have taken on a fascinating (and sometimes dubious) character, as we try new vegetables and spices weekly. Oh, and her dietary plan has been so successful she’s been able to back off just a bit on  the no-fat thing:


One of the first  food processor adventures – making butter and garlic butter. Heavenly! But a little tip: It doesn’t keep long in the fridge. If the butter you smear on your bread smells like strong cheese, give it a miss.


One of our treats over the weekend – tamales! Some with chicken, some with black beans. Turns out food tastes even better when it’s adorable.


Last night’s dinner: Vegetable korma and naan. Absolutely delicious. Lots of leftovers, so that’s my lunch today, as well.

I’m doing my best to support her digestive and ethical morals, and even put a Crock Pot full of corn and bean soup on to cook before I left for work this morning. My hands now reek of fresh garlic, and I think the dish would be improved with the addition of beef and cheese, but I’m trying to be good. After all, my own health can only benefit from this radical change in dining habits.

Bon appetit!


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