Coincidence? I think not.

While goofing around online yesterday during a bit of down time, I uncovered some interesting vintage public health posters.



Why correct posture was ever such a pressing issue that it deserved its own public health campaign, I can’t imagine.

The suspicious thing is that I woke up with a killer back ache this morning. Subliminal suggestion? Or poor posture? The world may never know.


5 thoughts on “Coincidence? I think not.

  1. These campaign posters are funny and new to me. I was raised to have good posture and grateful for it. I’ve seen people with terrible posture and the adverse effects it’s had on them physically. It does make a big difference.

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  2. Neither of the puppet characters can look each other in the eye. Im not sure if the benefit of not slouching in that case, unless it just means you get a prettier dress and nicer hair.
    Also, as their puppets, doesn’t it suggest our deportment is actually in the hands of someone else? My puppet master I’d seriously slack, as I tend not just to slouch, but to completely recline whenever possible. Obviously my own puppet master used to be an Ancient Roman.

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    • Hahahahahaha you just made my day, which was starting to head down the tubes.

      I was really puzzled by the puppet strings. All the marionettes I’ve ever seen are not only seriously creepy gross – the stuff of nightmares – but they also walk REALLY funny. Surely that’s not a good thing.

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