Reminders on receipt.

As previously mentioned in this venue, I have no choice but to visit the dreaded Micro Center on my precious day off. My new mouse gave up the ghost last night, rendering impossible two of the vital “to-do’s” on my list for today: 1) downloading pictures from my iPhone to my laptop so my phone will stop telling me I can’t take any more photos (tyrant!) and 2) playing “Secret of Shadow Ranch” later in the day. This is important stuff, here, people.

But in order to make the mouse exchange I first had to locate the receipt from the purchase a mere month ago. There was really only one place to look – my overstuffed wallet.


So I unzipped my lovely Vera Bradley “turn lock wallet”, noticing along the way that its corners are frayed (perhaps a visit to the Vera Bradley store is indicated?) and excavated a mountain of receipts and expired “store loyalty” cards.


And thus began an unexpected stroll through the last year. I uncovered receipts for:
-bedding plants for last spring’s garden work
-paint and supplies for The Boy’s magical bedroom re-do over Spring Break 2014
-my newest favorite warm weather Sketchers, discovered last summer
-Wal Mart stuff from back before I swore off Wal Mart for good.
-last January’s clearance sale at DSW for my adorable brown boots
-multiple IKEA purchases for decor, kitchen ware, and a much-needed mattress replacement for Oldest.

Shopping is not exactly one of my favorite activities. But each of the little gems I turned up and tossed into the recycling pile was a reminder of a remembered day, many spent with one or more of my three wonderful, funny, fascinating children.

I did unearth that Micro Center receipt, so a new mouse is in sight. But now I’m fighting melancholy as I contemplate how long it will be until I see my two far-away babies again. Both are booked solid through the remainder of the semester.

If only I had a receipt that would allow me to return the coming four months in advance.


2 thoughts on “Reminders on receipt.

  1. Aw, sweet.
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a wallet of receipts rather than cash. (Although the sweet sweet joy of discovering an actual bank note amongst the paper! Joy!)
    Well done on finding the receipt you needed too. That almost never happens. Not when you actually need it. Rather a month or so later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No kidding – I never seem to keep the important receipts. My husband, however, can literally put his finger on receipts for things we bought years ago. He has to search through years’ worth of paper piles, but he always does find the right one.


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