These are my new glasses. First new pair I’ve had in seven years. First pair of bifocals.

These glasses are trying to kill me. Things go from crystal clear to blurry in a split second with the slightest tip of the head. Distances and depth are difficult to judge.

Yeah, yeah, I know it takes a while to get used to them. But do you really ever get used to seeing the world as if you’re living inside an aquarium?

I’ve already received compliments this morning on my cute new glasses. At least that’s some incentive to put them on. Would have posted a selfie taken while wearing them, but it’s one of those days where the way I styled my hair looks cute in person but makes me look like a freaky pin-head in a photo.

Maybe another day, if the bifocals don’t do me in first.



14 thoughts on “Treacherous.

    • Thanks. It didn’t occur to me about the smudges. My husband is constantly moaning about having smudges on his glasses (it’s become a recurring joke) and I didn’t take him seriously because I’ve worn glasses for many years and smudges aren’t a big issue. But I can see that with his trifocals it probably is a real problem. Thanks for that perspective!


  1. Haha! You are only a half-step ahead of me. I’m still juggling two pairs of glasses and constantly searching for the pair I’m not wearing at the time. Looking forward to updates from you. I’m sure I’ll be taking the plunge soon! P.S. Those are definitely cute glasses!

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    • Thanks – it’s really nice to have a new look. Strangely, most of the time I don’t need to wear them. So if I ever want to get used to them I guess I’ll have to wear them even when it’s not necessary. Something my doc said keeps coming back to me: “We just have to accept the fact when we get to be this age, that our eyes are never going to be perfect again no matter what surgery we have or what glasses we buy. It will always be compromising this or that to be able to see the best we can with the equipment we’ve got.” I really appreciated that frankness and practicality.

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