Disgustingly healthy

Having a vegetarian foodie in the house continues to change my life. Case in point: I haven’t eaten any meat since FRIDAY!

Admittedly, I’m not exactly suffering any ill effects. In all likelihood this change will improve my health over time. But I can’t say it feels normal.

tofu-bbq-300x210On the menu tonight: Baked tofu and parsnip fries. I do like tofu. And to my great surprise, it turns out parsnips are tasty, too. Daughter insisted I try some she made a couple of weeks ago, and they were great. But seriously, tofu and parsnip fries? That’s not what passes for dinner here in the state that produces the best-tasting beef cattle in the nation. We might as well live in crunchy, vaccine-hating California.

I’m meeting a colleague for lunch today and you can bet I’ll be ordering something with beef in it. Just hoping I don’t turn into a slavering, ravaging wolf at the table.


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